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For family vacation we offer a stay in two cottages with all necessities. Cottages hold single and double rooms, showers, WC rooms, kitchens with fireplaces and terraces with patio furniture. Free Wi-Fi is available in homestead territory.


You and your family can organize various games in our large outside territory, explore the nature or just go for a stroll through a nearby forest.

We have a children playground with a trampoline, a sand box with toys for castle making, a volleyball court and a football field where you can play with your family.

If your family enjoy activities on water you can go row-boating on lake Dringis, try your hand at fishing or just go for a swim.


Cottages hold everything you might need for cooking for your family: pots, cutlery, dishes, hobs (some cottages are equipped with stoves), refrigerator with a freezer, kettle, microwave oven. You and your family are free to cook outside, too: light a fire, cook some delicious steaks and enjoy your meal in an arbor while watching a sunset! You can also make tasty soup on a fire. This might serve as fun family time. If you are up for something fancier, you can visit a restaurant “Romnesa” located nearby, only 2 km from our homestead, on Strigailiškis village. We can order and deliver food from said restaurant at your request.

Places to visit
Places to visit

If you are already visiting Ignalina district, it would be a shame to not explore the beauty of this land. A good time is guaranteed for active pastime lovers as well as for more serene or knowledge hungry ones. You will find the places we recommend for you to see in the list below.

  • Aukštaitija National Park

Aukštaitija National Park is a great place for all who wish to explore the nature and Aukštaitija cultural heritage, or just take a break from the city buzz.

  • Palūšė Church and Belfry

According to history, the only tool used to build it was an ax. Octagonal belfry that looks very similar to old Lithuanian wooden castle guard towers is one-of-a-kind in all Lithuania. Palūšė church and belfry has been announced an architectural monument.

  • Ginučiai Mound

Archaeological monument of IX-XII centuries. It is believed that the famous Linkmenys Castle has once stood here. There is a monument stone on this mound, marking the visit of president Antanas Smetona before the world war.

  • „Ladakalnis“

It’s the Venice of Aukštaitija. It is said that offerings for Baltic goddess Lada – the great Mother of the world – were being made on this mountain. Six lakes can be seen from the top of Ladakalnis. Also, on the very top you can find piles of stones people bring up to redeem their sins.

  • „Bird Village".

A trip through a swamp looking for birds’ eggs, stories about birds in the biggest nest of Lithuania, baking an omelet on a fire and roasted quails for a meal – it’s only a small part of what you can experience while visiting a "Bird Village".

  • „Šakotis baking“

During this educational program you will get to know the history and process of Šakotis baking, as well as will have a chance at tasting it.

  • The Path of sculptures along the Lūšiai lake

16 wooden sculptures stand by the lakeside near Meironys village. Folk artists had perpetuated the beauty of nature and legends of Ignalina district in 1977. P. Petronis sculpture „The fairytale of Pixies“ tells a story of the hazards of men taking a midnight swim in a lake, for these brave daredevils can be tormented in a very peculiar manner – tickling to death.

  • „The history of Milk“

The exposition of the tools for making traditional dairy products. Introduction to the ingredients of Šakotis (sour cream and butter) making traditions. Short tale on the history of cheese and its’ production.

A visitors’ ticket is needed for Aukštaitija National Park. Ticket price is 1 euro. It is valid for 5 days with an option to buy a yearlong visitors’ ticket (10 euro). A 5 days ticket is available for purchasing in our homestead while a yearlong ones are sold on „Perlas“ terminals. Visiting Aukštaitija National Park is free for pre-schools. 

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Your opinion matters to us!

Your opinion matters to us!

2014 10 11
Irene and Louis
We spent 3 marvellous days here, and we hope sincerely to come back soon...

Your opinion matters to us!

Your opinion matters to us!

Your opinion matters to us!

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